eMerge Military Services                                                            a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

About eMerge Military Services

eMerge Military Services (EMS)  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated solely to assisting our returning service men and women move forward by empowering them to take the Wheel and be the driver in their own life.  The premise of Basic II is based upon the fact that we train our service personnel in how to go to war but neglect the most important element of all: COMING HOME.  Basic II: Coming Home™ includes our interactive workshop in a large group setting in addition to scheduled smaller group discussion sessions over a two-day period.  All sessions will be led by trained and certified eMerge™ Reintegration Life Coaches and will be offered to our service men and women with concurrent sessions for their families.  

In addition, the two day workshop will be followed up with ongoing one-on-one coaching sessions with independent EMS Reintegration Life Coaches for 12 months.  Through coaching we enhance our client’s knowledge and application of our program, and empower then to bring about positive change in their life. Coaching clients are provided unlimited support and guidance by EMS Reintegration Life Coaches, also known as PIT Crew members (Personal Inspiration Training Crew) throughout their journey.

Through applying the concepts in our Basic II Program, they will not only learn more about themselves, but also all the relationships and roadblocks in their life. They may discover they have "Backseat Drivers," keep hitting the same "Roadblocks," and need to use their "Horn" to communicate their wants and needs. We'll help empower them to recognize the signs along their path so they move forward with confidence and purpose.

eMerge™ founder, Dr. Kelley Taylor, has a passion and belief in inspiring and empowering others to honor and empower themselves, and live with intent, integrity and purpose. Her unique passion translates into the vision of moving the company—and its coaches and clients—forward.  eMerge™ is the culmination of an exciting journey for Dr. Kelley and her support team.

eMerge™’s Passion to Help Our Troops

eMerge™ believes that every person has the potential and opportunity to transform their lives each and every day.  When our service men and women arrive home, there is a period of transition and transformation.  We want those who have served our country to be held in the same regard on our soil coming home that they felt when they left to serve for us.  We want them to project the same personal characteristics and values that we see them possessing: honor, courage, commitment, integrity, strength and good judgment.  We want to welcome them home with open arms and celebrate them for the sacrifices they made as a family.  They deserve it!

What Fuels Our Passion?

We find the current statistics and scenarios heart wrenching. And this is just a small snapshot of what we’ve uncovered.  Take a look*:

  1. Eighteen U.S. veterans commit suicide every day and there are 5 suicides committed each day by members on active duty.
  2. Sixty percent of our Marines are between the ages of 18 and 25.
  3. Six percent of our military are women.
  4. In 2009, more U.S. military personnel took their own lives than were killed in either the Afghanistan or Iraq wars.
  5. Many service personnel left their family home and enlisted in the military right after High School.  They haven’t yet lived a normal adult life, made decisions on their own or been "in their Driver’s Seat", all creating added stress to their readjustment.
  6. According to Senator Daniel Akaka, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, our country prepares and provides training for the physical dangers of war, but he admits that they do not provide preparation and protection for the equally serious mental dangers of war.
  7. Senator Akaka also states that the returning soldiers do not often seek the proper help because of the stigma that goes along with a mental health diagnosis.  This includes fear of career roadblocks and peer judgment, etc. 
  8. "Too many wounded warriors go without the care that they need.  Too many veterans don’t receive the support that they’ve earned.  Too many who once wore our nations uniform now sleep in our nation’s streets." - President Obama, March 19, 2009.

In summary, our military service personnel have been trained to go to war, but when they arrive home they are expected to "pick up where they left off".  Our reintegration program provides a framework for our service personnel and their families to personally adjust to the stark differences experienced in the warfront versus the home front as they are two totally different and conflicting worlds.

"Basic II : Coming Home™" will allow them to have that cooling off period, create better personal and family relationships, enhance their communication skills, live a more balanced life, develop healthier attitudes and habits, lower their stress levels and value themselves more. It will resurface and reinforce the personal characteristics and values that make our service personnel special: honor, courage, commitment, integrity, strength and good judgment.

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