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Basic II: Coming Home-Back On the Road Of Life™


eMerge™ Program Overview

Our military program Basic II: Coming Home-Back on the Road of Life™ is adapted from our original program Are You in Your Driver’s Seat? ™.  Like our original program, our Basic II program provides a series of sequential steps designed to assist our service personnel to better understand themselves and empower them to move forward. Using our unique car analogy, the reader identifies personal behaviors, characteristics, beliefs and values through a series of personal assessments and exercises, sets goals in their Windshield™ and identifies Roadblocks which detour them from reaching their full potential.  A series of action steps are highlighted to overcome obstacles—all with the goal of developing a tangible step-by- step plan for their journey. The eMerge™ program empowers clients to reconnect with their own inner guidance system to help them to find their own answers and move forward independently in life.

How "Basic II: Coming Home" Can Help Our Armed Forces
Navy - Air Force - Marine Corps - ArmyFor a long time they’ve put aside their personal lives. They’ve been there when their team and country needed them. Now it’s time to move on and prepare for their reintegration back into society. As they face this change, one may find the choices overwhelming. Where do they start?

They are now at a Crossroads and they’re not alone. eMerge Military Services™ is here to help.

Military families look forward to being together after a long deployment with many mixed emotions.  Each family member will have different expectations.  Every family situation is different.  But, it is important to remember the needs and feelings of the returning family member, the adult at home and the children.

This is why we have developed our exclusive Program “Basic II: Coming Home - Back on the Road of Life™” to assist our returning service men and women in re-assimilating into the society they left to serve our country. The premise of Basic II is based upon the fact that we train our service personnel in how to go to war but neglect the most important element of all: COMING HOME.  Our interactive Workshop, coupled with continual support via life coaching for both the service personnel and their family, provides a much-needed “cooling off” period.

“Basic II: Coming Home™” includes our interactive workshop in a large group setting in addition to scheduled smaller group discussion sessions over a two-day period.  All sessions will be led by trained and certified eMerge™ Reintegration Life Coaches and will be offered to our service men and women with concurrent sessions for their families.  The two day workshop will be followed up with continued, ongoing support for 12 months with a personal eMerge™ Reintegration Coach who will ensure that everyone in the family remains in balance, conquers any fears and doubts that may come up and empowers everyone to move forward at their own pace.

Every deployed person and their household members experience a feeling of anticipation as the end of the deployment approaches. This may take the form of eagerness for reunion or a dread of a return to a problematic situation or a mixture of both. Few get much sleep the night before homecoming. Children in the home may act out more than usual.

These feelings may result in our service personnel and their family members being exhausted when the family is finally reunited. After the end of a deployment, it is not unusual to experience a “homecoming let down”. Reality is seldom equal to how we have fantasized life after reunion would be.

As our dedicated men & women anxiously anticipate going home, recognize that they’ve probably changed in subtle ways. They’ve made new friends. They’ve functioned in living and working environments that may be very different than anything they’d previously experienced. As a result, they’ll go home an enriched, but a somewhat changed person.

If he or she has a “significant other” in their lives, this person may have also changed in their absence. And change inevitably creates stress. One may find balancing their “Wheel” (balance in one’s life) is harder than ever. Their “Speedometer” (emotional gauge) may be out of control. As they adapt to the changes which may be required in their relationships one may experience over the short-term some worry, frustration, anger, confusion, mood swings, etc.

They need not agonize. The eMerge™ Reintegration Coach is there for them every step of the way, there to help set goals in their “Windshield”, assist in utilizing their “Horn” (communication) effectively, eliminate “Junk from the Trunk”.  The eMerge™ Reintegration Coach is the one to turn to when times get complicated.

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