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Become an eMergeTM Coach

Life coaching is a modern and rapidly growing approach to helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve goals, and manage life changes and personal challenges. Life coaching or personal coaching is effective for all situations whether in personal life, career, sales or corporate and business life.

According to The Coaching Academy, coaching is the world’s second-fastest growing business skill. Coaching is now a profession, and one that is seeing rapid growth, primarily because for many people it is a uniquely satisfying career. Statistics from the Marketdata Enterprises market report show that the U.S. Self-Improvement market is worth $9.6 Billion dollars. An estimated 40,000 people work as life or business coaches and this $2.4 Billion dollar market is growing at 18% per year.

Through detailed eMerge™ training, you not only learn a professional skill set and attain your eMerge™ Coach Certification, but you'll find a new approach to life, looking out your Windshield™, that fully enables you to grow and succeed... eMerge™ as the person you're meant to be! Not only will you be effectively helping others get in their Driver's Seat, unlocking their potential and removing Roadblocks on their life's journey, but in the process, you'll remove your Roadblocks and advance farther than you ever knew possible.

Why do people enter the coaching profession?
  • They like people and want to bring out the best in them
  • They want to do something more fulfilling in their lives
  • They want personal and financial freedom
  • They can work from home and set their own hours
  • They can take time off whenever they choose
  • Their family, friends and colleagues previously turned to them for help and advice - they have natural people skills
  • They recognize that touching people’s lives provides immense job satisfaction

What personal characteristics does a coach possess? The prerequisites of a coach include being an effective advisor/helper and having developed the art of interpersonal communication skills.  In addition, successful coaches possess the following personal characteristics:
  • Living their personal values and motives
  • Acknowledging their personal strengths, feelings, and weaknesses
  • Honoring their own needs and desires and fulfilling their purpose in life
  • Ability to listen, motivate, inspire and communicate effectively
  • Flexibility, patience, confidence, accountability and a good sense of humor!

The first step to becoming a Certified eMerge™ Coach is to complete an Application for our exclusive Distance Learning Coach Certification Program. You can train to be a Certified eMerge™ Coach from the comfort of your own home! The Coach Training program is taught in 15 Modules via teleclass by one of our Master Coaches. You will learn the exclusive eMerge™ Program, complete valuable training exercises, and learn how to facilitate one-on-one coaching sessions with clients. You will experience coaching both as a client and a coach...in fact, many of our coaches began the eMerge™ program as a client. They loved the experience so much, they wanted to share it with others! For more information on the Distance Learning Coach Certification Program contact Dr. Kemmy Taylor, Senior Vice President, Coaching Division at kltaylor@emergecompaniesinc.com today!

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