eMerge Military Services                                                            a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Our Leadership

 Dr. Kelley A. Taylor, Founder and CEO

Dr. Kelley A. Taylor, better known as “Dr. Kel” truly is the Face of eMerge.  As President and Founder of eMerge Companies, Inc. she cultivated the company and its divisions from a simple concept to a well known influential Life Coaching entity. A Holistic Chiropractor, Intuitive Wellness Coach, Reiki Master and IET Master, Dr. Kel always had the desire to help people and specialized in the mental and emotional causes of disease in the body. As the author of eMerge Coaching Services exclusive how-to program, Are You in Your Driver’s Seat?™, she has transformed herself from the Doctor who regularly put her patients back together to the Author and Speaker who now empowers people to take control of their own health and healing. In conjunction with her eMerge Companies Executive Team, Dr. Kel created eMerge Military Services and co-authored the program adaptation “Basic II – Coming Home”™ - specifically designed to support the reintegration of US military personnel back into society after active duty.  In addition to her inspiring leadership style overseeing all aspects and divisions of eMerge Companies, Inc., she continues to be an active voice of personal empowerment as a regular columnist for Aspire Magazine, speaker for Aspire Media’s Aspiring Women Speaker Series and a frequent guest on the Dr. Pat Show in Seattle. In addition to earning her Bachelor’s Degree from Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts, Dr. Kel graduated magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

James F. Taylor, Corporate Vice President, Office of the President

James has been an All Star and a Leader in all aspects of his life and career.  Known as both a tough guy and a nice guy on and off the football field in his early years, James has been instrumental in getting eMerge Coaching Services into the mainstream.  A graduate of Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts, he has been involved in the business since its inception.  James was the company’s first Life Coach, first Master Coach and first Master Coach Trainer and he is presently Vice President of Program Development and an integral part of eMerge Companies, Inc. Executive Team.  He has written and taught numerous eMerge classroom programs for clients and coaches, co-authored the Distance Learning Coach Certification Program and other aspects of the Coach’s Training Program, and helped develop and implement various policies and strategies for future eMerge coaches and clients.  James was also instrumental in the development of eMerge Military Services program “Basic II – Coming Home”™.  His passion for helping people started early in his career with the Adolescent Case Management Unit of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families where he fervently cut through the red tape to help young men and women assimilate into independent lives after Foster Care.  This entailed both helping with goal setting and holding his clients accountable to their plans – a natural progression into the Life Coaching business.  His easy going and decisive leadership style, positive attitude and quick wit have earned James numerous awards and the respect of his colleagues, eMerge coaches and clients alike. 

Karen Puglia, M.A., Psychotherapist, Coaching Division

Karen is a psychotherapist in private practice and the founder of the Center For Energy Healing (www.CenterForEnergyHealing.com).  Karen’s practice is based on her belief that advancing self-empowerment skills through choice is the single most effective way to facilitate her clients own self discovery, transformation, and healing.  She teaches Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and uses many different modalities to promote wellness, self-reliance, and a sense of well being. She is one of three internationally recognized Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor Trainers worldwide. Karen is a natural mentor. She has supervised and counseled other fellow psychotherapists during her career as well.  She has a unique ability to guide other therapists on essentially any area of professional concern but has special expertise on establishing boundaries and practicing detachment. Karen brings her broad spectrum of experience to the eMerge Companies, Inc.™ staff in a coaching support function, helping coaches cultivate their client relationships, establish referral parameters, and foster innovative training techniques. Karen graduated from Lesley University with a Masters Degree in counseling with a focus in healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dr. Kemmy L. Taylor, Senior Vice President, Coaching Division

Dr. Kemmy has a nurturing style about her and although she is not a teacher in the traditional sense, she is a true teacher ‘at heart’.  Her present position as Vice President of eMerge’s Coaching Operation culminates many aspects of her professional experience as a Holistic Chiropractor, a Clinical Teacher and Specialized Instructor, a health volunteer for the under-privileged and local columnist.   At eMerge, Dr. Kemmy co-authored all of the written and platform based training and coaching materials for eMerge Coaching Services from the singular eMerge client workshops to intensive eMerge Life Coach and Master Coach Certification Programs.  She personally co-trained eMerge’s very first Life and Master Coaches and Dr. Kemmy still reviews and interviews every Life Coach Applicant while concurrently overseeing the entire Distance Learning Coach Certification Process.  She is passionate about industry professionalism and education and continues to funnel clear communications to all new and experienced eMerge Life Coaches through regular coaching email newsletters and internal mandatory monthly coaching conference calls.  Her style is warm, welcoming and encouraging.  She also started and manages all aspects of the Great Lakes Division of eMerge and has been active in development of the eMerge Military Services Division.  In addition to college study oversees at University of East Anglia in England, Dr. Kemmy graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, MA before attending and graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. She is a present Member of the International Coach Federation.

Karen Myers, Vice President, New Program / Business Development

Karen’s long term vision for eMerge Companies, Inc. includes adapting the original program “Are You in Your Driver’s Seat”™ to various targeted audiences.  For the professional, she authored the program book “Driving for Success”™ and has created a classroom training for companies to integrate the eMerge concepts into the workplace to encourage and empower each employee to succeed, bring about positive change and promote a common language among associates.  She is presently working on an adaptive program for High Performance Athletes. Her background includes 25 years of broad based business experience encompassing sales, marketing, research and writing with special expertise in business development and service delivery.  In addition, she has devoted hundreds of hours in the non-profit sector for various charities. Karen has strong business acumen with exceptional written and oral communication skills and the ability to multi-task. Her professional image is enhanced by her positive attitude, intuitive nature, high energy and creative abilities. 

Emily Betterly, Vice President, Coaching Services

With Emily’s experience in Business Management and Administration, eMerge projects always stay on schedule.  She has applied clear project management method to nearly every aspect of eMerge’s Development over the years contributing timelines, research, written content, trainings, promotions, networking, etc.  Her background includes over 20 years of management, retail and sales marketing responsibilities in a University environment.  As an avid volunteer, Emily has applied her keen knack for detail to everything from class trips to serving as President of the Copper Country Soccer Association assisting over 1000 local youth.  Emily has had many first’s with eMerge – participating in the first coach certification training, organizing and hosting the first Opportunity Night for new coaches, arranging and participating in the Great Lakes Division’s first trade show appearance and becoming one of the first Master Coaches.   She helped develop the Distance Learning Certification Program and “Basic II – Coming Home”™ and has taught numerous eMerge Workshops. Emily’s style is amiable and resilient, and she holds high expectations for herself and those around her.